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The purpose of the Global Leaders Academy is to catalyse continuous
breakthrough in our lives as leaders and the wider systems we touch,
through advanced leadership development.

“At GLA I spend time with eagles –
intelligent people, motivated people,
driven and questioning people.
I also have a strong sense of
belonging, like a leaf on a tree.”

Learning circles

We believe the circle to be the root of all cultures, a tradition that can take us from the campfire to the future. The circle facilitates a level of conversation that allows groups of people to accomplish goals through an integrated experience of heart and mind. The thread that goes through all our GLA activities is a belief in the power of conversations to bring people into communities of respect and shared purpose.

Ours is a process of continuous co-creation, and ongoing collaboration to raise consciousness across four connected learning domains – personal, interpersonal, organisational and global. This approach enriches members’ own lives as well as the lives of those within the systems they touch, to make a positive difference and impact in the world.

Our values

Our values are expressed in the way we lead the circles and operate in our daily lives. We also believe the following four values are critical for leaders who are creating the future.

Having grace under pressure; the moral courage to stand up for what is right; the emotional courage to speak your core truth and confront others to do the same
The continuous desire to learn and to seek for wisdom maintaining a sense of wonder; to hold the spirit of enquiry; to love the questions as a route to knowledge
Being in a state of loving kindness; holding a wish that others can be free of suffering, which is extended without limits to all human beings; the antidote to anger
Acting in coherence with our purpose, values, beliefs and behaviours and adjusting when out of alignment; being whole and undiminished; doing the right thing; walking our talk

Who is it for?

GLA is for those who understand that leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. Those individuals who wish to continuously break through on multiple levels and achieve extraordinary things in their lives.

GLA provides a profound learning journey of inquiry and action, delivered through a forum of monthly learning circles supported by retreats, international learning journeys and other experiential activities that might inspire.

We enhance abilities in personal mastery by offering knowledge, wisdom, tools, resources, skills, a nurturing community and the opportunity to be in service to others.

How does your organisation benefit?

Most people, when they go on training courses or retreats, return refreshed, full of new ideas and enthusiasm. Typically this only lasts for a month at best, after they return from the experience. We believe that the best way to generate continuous learning and to catalyse real growth is to have an integrated approach where we create the habit of learning. In this way you have a regular, monthly space for regeneration, renewal, inspiration, and learning.

Rather than sudden bursts of unmanageable change, your organisation receives you as a leader who is consistently bringing new and valuable perspectives to the business in a continuous and digestible flow. It is this commitment to continuous co-creation of collaborative and systemic learning which sets us apart from other leadership development programs, and which offers maximum added value for you and all the systems you touch – whether it is your business or your family.

“GLA gives me a monthly structure
where I have time to think about
myself, my path and my humanity.”

Who are we?

Sue Cheshire
Sue is the Founder and MD of the Global Leaders Academy and is a pioneer in leadership development and conscious evolution.
Kent Allen
Kent is a Director of the Global Leaders Academy and is an experienced CEO, coach, mentor and business advisor.

Sue and Kent are leadership development pioneers who are also chief executives working at the coal-face of enterprises, leading projects that deliver commercial, creative and social returns in the real world.

Shared vision

Drawn together by a shared vision for what is possible when leaders see business as an engine for positive change, we have curated, integrated and innovated a selection of the finest creative leadership, wisdom, enterprise growth and relational tools into a rigorous curriculum that we explore through circle-based practice and peer-powered coaching.

Partners and Associates

Simon Hampel
Having taken time out in a Zen monastery to learn about silence and meditation, Simon now works with fellow leaders to define purpose, build teams, attain goals and enjoy the journey.
Jamie Anley
Jamie has participated and led innovation workshops and think tanks for global brands around the world, lecturing on the future of design, creativity, leadership and branding.
Daniel Ludevig
Daniel teaches the use movement, embodiment, the arts and awareness-practice to improve leadership, communication and effectiveness.
Hein Dijksterhuis
Hein is an executive coach, strategy consultant and former World Champion in sailing. Lighthearted and with passion, he catalyses deep transformational processes to enable individuals and their organisations to truly flourish.
"The other members, as well as the amazing guests, have impacted on my business and my life in very positive and significant ways."

The GLA Wisdom Faculty

We partner with speakers who are themselves 'models of excellence', to learn with, and from, world-class researchers, academics, scientists, religious leaders and others, all at the top of 'their' tree.

David Wasdell
Founder/Director of the Apollo-Gaia Project, a worldwide action-research initiative focused on the feedback dynamics of the global climate systems.
Nick Jankel
Nick is focused on supporting leaders to design, build and grow ethical, social and sustainable enterprises at the vital intersection between creativity, commerce and the collective good.
Dr. Oliver Sparrow
Expert in futures and strategic planning. Author of many books, TV broadcaster, adviser on several Government projects.
Jamie Catto
Founding member of the band Faithless. Singer/songwriter, creative catalyst, a 'bohemian ninja'.
John Elkington
Founder of Sustain Ability; adviser to BT, Coca Cola, Ford, Microsoft, Nike, Starbucks and Wal-Mart. Creator of the concept of the triple bottom line.
Tony Buzan
A Global pioneer and developer of the concept of Mind Mapping and the untapped potential of the brain.
Dr. Alan Watkins
Internationally recognised speaker on leadership, performance, health and emotions, Alan runs a consultancy and holds academic posts as a Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience.
Nigel Risner
Respected author, television presenter and a prolific international speaker on motivational themes for business, for organisations, for governments.

Dr Nick Udall
Co-Founder and CEO of the Nowhere Group; pioneer in leading edge thinking and practice in Consciousness and Creativity; author of The Way of nowhere.
Carolyn Taylor
Leading expert on corporate culture; helping business leaders to manage, lead and align their culture with their business strategies. Author of 'Walking the Talk: Building a Culture for Success'.
Gavin Esler
Awarding winning TV and radio broadcaster, novelist and journalist. Author of 'Lessons from the Top'.
Drs. Ido Van Der Heijden
Expert in developing Emotional Intelligence in organisations - focuses on improving peoples’ understanding of themselves and their colleagues.
Prof. David Venter
Expert in conflict and negotiation; past Director General working alongside Nelson Mandela in SA. Psychologist and educationist; author of 'The Beyonders'.
Dr. Fred Kofman
Combines philosophical depth with practical applicability, specialising in leadership development and cultural transformation. MIT's Sloan School of Management ‘Teacher of the Year’.
William Richards
William began his career working in community, education and social-issue theatre as an actor and director. Specialist post-graduate study in vocal communication and classical text.
Richard Barrett
Social architect. Founder and Chairman of the Barrett Values Centre. Internationally recognised author, speaker and consultant on leadership, values and culture.
Rear Admiral Chris Parry
Writer, broadcaster, speaker. Leading expert on strategic forecasting, geo-strategic trend-spotting and a noted thinker on the future of geo-politics, security and warfare.
Dr. John Sentamu,
Archbishop of York

A thought leader on many different levels and a particular inspiration for business on ethical leadership.
Dr. Brian Marien
MSc (Psychol) MRCGP

Thesis on occupational stress and burnout. Developing evidence-based techniques for improving psychological wellbeing and resilience.
Nic Marks
Founder of the Centre of Wellbeing at the New Economics Forum. TED global speaker. A happiness researcher. Wants a wellbeing indicator, alongside the FTSE index.
Lawrence Bloom
Thinker, speaker, activist. First Chairman of the World Economic Forum at Davos. Co-Chairman of the Hanwang Forum – to implement major transformational projects in China and globally.

How do we help?

Through innovative, peer group, learning experiences and events across a broad range of organisations, sectors and nations. We cover four learning domains:

Individual/Personal. Team/Interpersonal.
Enterprise/Organisational. Globe/Planet.

"GLA's practical learning is like a marathon, a steady effort to learn and apply. Little and often rather than all at once, with rewards that are far reaching and long lasting."
A circle for inner reflection to address our own needs, our health and wellbeing. It is the time to confront our patterns and our habits of both mind and body, a time to challenge our mental models, to take personal responsibility and live in integrity.
A circle to embody care; to reflect on our relationships and our connectedness with others, to model empathy and compassion, to handle conflicts, breakdowns, to model excellence from others, to inspire others awakening.
A circle which realizes the importance of a conscious business; the union of conscious leadership with sound commercial acumen; a time to drive success and high achievement in organizations in line with its values and those of all its community.
This is the circle in our learning cycle to reflect on the interconnectedness of all things; to awaken to the global challenges of the environment, on conflicts, on power and to understand how systems can become sustainable. It is the time to reflect on our own impact, our influential power, on our own legacy; a time to refine our mastery in a fully integrative system.

Leaders/CEO Circles

The purpose of Global Leaders Academy is to catalyse continuous breakthrough in the lives of leaders and the wider systems they touch.

Global Leaders Academy (GLA) brings together a community of like-minded, inspirational individuals who are all leaders in their chosen field, both in business and society. Members are invited to join a circle (peer group) that meets monthly to discuss and confront the challenges and opportunities they face. This dialogue is further enhanced by the regular introduction of 'Guest Experts' who offer wisdom and inspire further dialogue around specific subject areas. GLA is building a community of resilient leaders who are dedicated to raising their own consciousness across the 4 interconnected learning domains of personal, interpersonal, organisational and global. Such a systemic approach enriches members' own lives and the lives of those within the systems they touch, to make a positive difference and impact in the world.

"Being a CEO can be a lonely role. GLA is a place where I feel I can openly and honestly talk about my challenges in a safe and trusting environment."

The curriculum, while focusing on the business challenge, will encompass learning with and from respected peers using dialogue, questing into concepts and challenges, experiential activities that take participants outside their comfort zones, and learning from outside guests who are masters in their field. This unique forum and format keeps the experience vital and different.

Circles are facilitated by an expert coach; a teacher, who catalyses the learning and ensures a dynamic, challenging experience, particularly when guests are included as subject matter specialists.

In each session, we use different techniques to deal with any challenges or opportunities executives may be facing in their work and lives. These processes open up new ways of applying the learning to their own employees and co-workers.

In-Company Leaders

At GLA we are developing a totally new type of programme that reinvents how leadership is cascaded throughout an organisation, blending innovation and sustainability.

Whether across 30, 100 or 300 days we ensure teams deliver outstanding real-world deliverables on projects core to the future of the organisation. This is truly learning through doing; and doing through learning.

In-Company Learning Circles

Leading organisations are always exploring new processes to continuously breakthrough and raise their game.

A key offering of GLA is the creation of in-company learning circles whose articipants address a core challenge or opportunity facing the organisation. Each circle will work on their defined project within a defined time limit, typically 100 days. During this time there will be intensive personal development alongside the team, including 360° reviews, individual coaching and experiential team exercises. Each circle presents their project outcomes to the board at the end of the 100 days.

Learning circles create an ideal vehicle for participants to capture, share and embed the required learning. Participants easily interact with each other during the sessions, such that they become co-learners and co-creators of their agenda.

"I love the fact that I am constantly being forced out of my comfort zone. It makes me feel alive and refreshed."


How do we deliver results?

In the design of every project plan, GLA applies a 'systemic litmus test' measurement to ensure that the specific delivery channel and content weaves together our four learning domains. These are personal inner leadership, team and relationships, organisational performance / goals / projects, and global impact.

This helps ensure that participants are able to retain and apply their learning with a conscious, systemic practice. We continuously work on the task, the team, personal mastery, and the global context; what we refer to as the IT, WE, I and ALL.

"By taking a day out of my life once a month, I give myself a chance to stop and think. Actually think about what it is I'm trying to achieve and what my objectives are. For the rest of the month, life moves at 100 miles an hour and I seem to lose perspective – it is great to find it again on a day with GLA."

GLA is based in the UK, however is fully capable of serving clients in markets throughout the world.

Our network of international affiliates / associates and practitioners include prominent and certified experts in the fields of:

• Corporate strategy/Business management

  and leadership

• Neurosciences

• Psychology

• Ecology

• Business sustainability, risk management

• Culture change

• Communications for impact

• Conflict management

• Collective Intelligence

• Numerous other leadership and management

  development strands

• Compliance

• Audits

Who have we worked with?

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Personal Coaching and Mentoring

'What's it like being led by you?'

This was a powerful article shared in the Harvard Business Review about the importance of knowing oneself, and deeply understanding one's impact on others. This is a question we ask all of our CEO and director clients!

What are our blind spots? What patterns of thought and behavior hold us back from being the best version of ourselves we can be? Our coaching offering in GLA is to help CEOs and senior leaders not just to become super successful in business but also to develop their personal mastery and to make a positive difference to the lives of people they touch; be they fellow board members, colleagues, community and family and the wider planet.

There are no standard blueprints for any successful coaching programme. In GLA in order to catalyse continuous breakthroughs in the lives of leaders and the wider systems they touch, our beliefs are to raise the consciousness of all human beings and thereby our coaching offering will be focused, challenging, provocative and strongly results orientated depending on the needs identified.

Some leaders will recognize they have exciting challenges that they wish to explore in a safe space with someone with depth and experience. Some leaders feel they are stuck on cruise control, feel unfulfilled, lost their sense of passion and purpose, feel anxious or stressed and need inspiration, new ideas and new tools.

Leaders today need resilience, continuous innovation and adaptability, compelling communication, personal mastery, systemic thinking, voracious learning, wells of inspiration (so they can be 'topped up'), continuous capacity and capability building! Leaders need many different channels to keep at the leading edge of their game! At the Global Leaders Academy we offer peer group coaching in our leadership circles but we also offer one to one coaching with very experienced business and consciousness coaches!

We believe the greatest gift any leader can give to his colleagues, his family and his organization is to continue to do his/her inner work. We believe our distinctive coaching offering will bring continuous breakthrough!

"I realise there is a strong correlation between my own personal mastery and my effectiveness in the wider world. Global Leaders Academy gets to the core of who I am and gives me a way forward, to go beyond my life's programming."