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by gla_admin on December 10, 2013

Coaching Offering at the Global Leaders Academy
‘What’s it like being led by you?’

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Coaching Offering at the Global Leaders Academy

A powerful article shared in the Harvard Business Review about the importance of knowing oneself, and deeply understanding one’s impact on others.  

What are our blind spots? What patterns of thought and behavior hold us back from being the best version of ourselves we can be? Our coaching offering in GLA is to help CEOs and senior leaders not just to become super successful in business but also to develop their personal mastery and to make a positive difference to the lives of people they touch; be they fellow board members, colleagues, community and family and the wider planet.

There are no standard blueprints for any successful coaching programme.  In GLA in  order to catalyse continuous breakthroughs in the lives of leaders and the wider systems they touch,  our beliefs are to raise the consciousness of all human beings and thereby our coaching offering will be  focused, challenging, provocative and  strongly results orientated depending on the needs identified.

Some leaders will recognize they have exciting challenges that they wish to explore in a safe space with someone with depth and experience.  Some leaders feel they are stuck on cruise control, feel unfulfilled, lost their sense of passion and purpose, feel anxious or stressed and need inspiration, new ideas and new tools.

Leaders today need resilience, continuous innovation and adaptability, compelling communication, personal mastery, systemic thinking, voracious learning, wells of inspiration (so they can be ‘topped up’), continuous capacity and capability building! Leaders need many different channels to keep at the leading edge of their game! At the Global Leaders Academy we offer peer group coaching in our leadership circles but we also offer one to one coaching with very experienced business and consciousness coaches!

We believe the greatest gift any leader can give to his colleagues, his family and his organization is to continue to do his/her inner work.  We believe our distinctive coaching offering will bring continuous breakthrough!


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